About us

Soobatan Vision Technology Company was established in 2013 in Tehran. Masoud Masoomi, the founder of this company, started working with the aim of providing services and products of information technology and office machines required by organizations and companies.

With the expansion of work and the power of digital marketing, they established the first online store in this field in Iran (Iranshahrshop). After a few years of operation, the store was moved to a new address SHILAK.COM to be able to sell products other than information technology products.


When Soobatan did  Experted in web design and digital marketing , our technical team began to sign contracts with other companies. To provide web design and digital marketing services.

Now, after more than eight years of operation, Soobatan Company operates in three sectors: supply of digital goods and office machines for customers - repair and maintenance services of information technology equipment - digital marketing.